Carrie Olivia Adams Author PhotoCarrie Olivia Adams lives in Chicago, where she is a book publicist for the University of Chicago Press, the poetry editor for Black Ocean, and a biscuit maker and whiskey drinker. She is the author of Forty-One Jane Doe’s (book and companion DVD, Ahsahta 2013) and Intervening Absence (Ahsahta 2009) as well as the chapbooks “Overture in the Key of F” (above/ground press 2013) and “A Useless Window” (Black Ocean 2006).

Lisa Lisa Marie Basile - Author PhotoMarie Basile is the author of two chapbooks, Andalucia (The Poetry Society of New York) and Triste (Dancing Girl Press). Her forthcoming chapbook, war/lock, will be released by Hyacinth Girl Press in 2014. Her work can be seen in various literary journals, including PANK, kill author, Johns Hopkin’s The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review, Prick of the Spindle and others. She is the founding editor of Luna Luna Magazine, a daily arts & culture site for women, and Patasola Press, a micropress that focuses on emerging, established and female writers. She has taught poetry at The Brooklyn Brainery and at Westfield High School, performs for The Poetry Brothel and is an assistant editor for Fifth Wednesday Journal. She also recently guest-edited Sundress Academy for the Arts’ STIRRING Journal. Lisa Marie will be a featured poet in the Spring issues of Poets & Artists and Relapse Magazines.

Emma Bolden Author PhotoEmma Bolden is the author of Maleficae, a book-length series of poems about the witch trials in early modern Europe (GenPop Books, 2013). She’s also the author of four chapbooks of poetry — How to Recognize a Lady  (part of Edge by Edge, Toadlily Press); The Mariner’s Wife, (Finishing Line Press); The Sad Epistles (Dancing Girl Press); This Is Our Hollywood (The Chapbook) – and one nonfiction chapbook – Georgraphy V, forthcoming from Winged City Press. Her poetry has appeared in such journals as Prairie Schooner, Conduit, the Indiana Review, the Greensboro Review, Redivider, Verse, Feminist Studies, The Journal, Guernica, and Copper Nickel.  Her work has been featured on Poetry Daily and Verse Daily’s Web Weekly feature.  She is an assistant professor of creative writing at Georgia Southern University.  You can find her online at A Century of Nerve (

Kristy Bowen Author Photo
A writer and visual artist, Kristy Bowen is the author of several book, chapbook, and zine projects, including the forthcoming beautiul, sinister (Maverick Duck Press, 2013) and girl show (Black Lawrence, 2013). She lives in Chicago where she runs dancing girl press & studio, devoted to paper-oriented arts and publishing work by women writers/artists.

Author Photo - Joanna Penn Cooper

Joanna Penn Cooper is the author of The Itinerant Girl’s Guide to Self-Hypnosis (Brooklyn Arts Press), as well as the chapbooks Mesmer (dancing girl press) and Crown (forthcoming from Ravenna Press). Her creative work has appeared in a number of journals, including South Dakota Review, Poetry International, Supermachine, and Boog City. Joanna holds a Ph.D. in American literature from Temple University, and she has held full-time visiting positions at Marquette University and Fordham University.  She lives in Brooklyn and can be found here.

CarCarol Guess Author Photool Guess is the author of numerous books of poetry and prose, including Tinderbox Lawn, Darling Endangered, and Doll Studies: Forensics. Forthcoming titles include two collaborations: How To Feel Confident With Your Special Talents (co-written with Daniela Olszewska) and X Marks The Dress: A Registry (co-written with Kristina Marie Darling). She is Professor of English at Western Washington University, and lives in Seattle and Bellingham, WA.  Visit her online at

Eva Heisler Author Photo
Eva Heisler is a U.S. poet and art critic based near Heidelberg, Germany. Her poems have been widely published in journals including Crazyhorse, The Nation, and Poetry Northwest. Honors include The Nation’s “Discovery” Award and the Poetry Society of America’s Emily Dickinson Award. A Fulbright grant brought her to Iceland in 1997 where she lived for nine years, researching Icelandic art with a focus on conceptual practices. Her essays on Icelandic contemporary art have been published in academic journals, art magazines, and museum catalogs. Recent publications include an art historical examination of Icelandic conceptualism for the five-volume History of Icelandic Art, published by the National Gallery of Iceland in 2011, and the chapter “Doubled Bodies and Live Loops: On Ragnar Kjartansson’s Mediatized Performances” in Bastard or Playmate? Adapting Theatre, Mutating Media and the Contemporary Performing Arts, published by the University of Amsterdam Press in 2012. Heisler’s collection of poems Reading Emily Dickinson in Icelandic (Kore Press, 2012) explores how language shapes perception and was inspired by her nine years in Iceland, a time in which the romance and astonishments of a foreign land were challenged by the difficulties of earning a living as a foreigner.

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